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July 27 2017


Windows Server is a reliable and flexible windows small business server with fast-paced multi-dimensional usability and functionality. Equipped with high-end advanced features, the windows server is the latest web application based OS (operating system). Windows Server Customer Support provides all types support for Server like installation, repair, configure, software installation on server and also deals in Server License.

Windows Server is a prodigious environment for both large and small scale businesses to meet their requirements effectively and efficiently. With an array of built-in web technologies, the windows server serves as a solid foundation for the organization’s server infrastructure. The most innovative components of the windows server are the following powerful tools:

  • Windows Server PowerShell
  • Windows Server Manager
  • IIS (Internet Information Server)
  • Windows SharePoint Services
  • Read-Only Domain Controller
  • Network Access Protection

An Environment for Increased IT Activity

Enhanced networking, robust configuration, strong management of windows server, advanced security and make a dynamic data center of the server. Reduction of power consumption, reduction of operating cost, time-saving service, infallible security of data and energy efficiency are the utilities of Windows Small Business Server.

 The windows server performs on the basis of Deployment Services, a set of components to provide a simplified, secure and sophisticated platform for increased business/commercial activities. One strength of Windows PowerShell command-line platform scripting and shell language of the windows server.

 All IT professionals can perform automation of common activities and have control over system administration. Our Windows Server Customer Support Number is efficient to provide all deployment services, installation to configuration services.

Windows Server Tools And Functionality

The windows server is backed up with VDI (Virtual Desktop Integration) technology that keeps the functions of server desktop on the cutting edge of efficiency. It also ensures high functionality of Windows Terminal Services and facilitates delivery of business applications to remote desktops. 

The better program virtualization of desktops is one of the benefits that the server offers to smooth the pace and profess of business.

Windows network issues solved- Windows Support

Improvement of server administration and development of program tools are the functional features of IIS (Internet Information Server). It benefits all business organizations by reducing the cost of infrastructure. 

The windows server through its collaborative technology that is Windows SharePoint Services supports all organizations with the improvement of business activity and enhancement of team’s productivity. VDI is not easy to understand for those users who are not aware of Server level activities. Windows Server Customer Care provides the support for VDI services for windows server.

Backed up with several advancement security innovative features, this IT-friendly windows server offers a highly strong security system for the protection of a business organization’s data. 

It empowers all organizations with security tools like Read-Only Domain Controller, Network Access Protection and FRM (Federated Rights Management) to prevent data theft. This hardened OS (operating system) keeps the business activities of an organization sound and safe through the protection of crucial windows server services from abnormal function of the network.

Contact Windows Server Customer Service

For any query related to server level activity like any web-application deployment, manage server space, server license, server migration and much more. Then, you can contact to Windows Customer Support via Phone, Email, and Live Chat at any time. They are available for the users 24x7, 365 days.

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